Pavement Marking, LLC (PMI) is Arizona’s oldest pavement marking firm. In 2012, PMI opened an office in
El Paso, Texas.

PMI isn’t just a company — it’s also our people. Our mission is to always provide a quality job to our customers, and focus on customer service.

We perform our work safely, with pride and cost consciousness. We want our valued customers and employees to view us as the Arizona pavement marking company of choice. PMI constantly updates its fleet and seeks the very best people. We are proud of our equipment, our team, and our work.

PMI has over 24 years of governmental maintenance pavement marking installation experience in Arizona and Texas. We are the most experienced striping contractor in Arizona.

PMI is currently under contract by 10 governmental agencies in Arizona and Texas and provide them full pavement marking installation services. PMI provides services to all agencies including Federal, State, County, and local municipalities.

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Enough cannot be said of PMI. Their commitment to partnering and job success makes them a partner of choice on all of our projects. We can always count on PMI getting the job done and done right – that is why we look forward to working with them again in the future
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